Monday, May 23, 2016

Springing into Summer

Life is so good!  I have been meaning to blog for a while now and get sad thinking I haven't been because I don't want to forget how amazing life has been to us lately!

We have been making lots of progress on our house.  The yard is now level and starting to grow grass.  We strung up the lights I have always wanted and planted our garden.  Liam loves being outside so I have a feeling that is where the majority of our summer will be spent!

Alexa and Dillon got married this weekend!  Eric was able to fly out for the wedding and all three of them will be in Texas this summer.  Amber and Trevor have a home in Oklahoma.  I miss them so much and will miss Lex, Dillon and Blub! 

Trev and I took a trip to Hawaii last month!  Trev was auditing BYU HI so I came out on the tail end and we spent a week in Kauai!  It was hard leaving Liam for a week!  We missed him so much!  It was good to have a break though! 

I just started a job last month as well!  It is for Garrett Capital, Inc. and I work a couple hours a day.  Luckily, I am able to work from home and Jessalyn is my supervisor!  It is a perfect job and a good opportunity to stay in the Finance world.

Our days are really busy!  Between chasing Liam and working on the house we don't get much down time!  But we wouldn't have it any other way!

Liam: you are...

Liam: You are so amazing! You keep mom and dad smiling; most of the time!  You are a little stinker sometimes.  You have a strong personality.  You know what you want and are pretty good at communicating those things to us.  If you want a toy that you can't reach, you will come over to me and go "eh eh" til you get my attention.  Then you pat your tummy with both hands and point where you want me to go.  You walk a ways and look back to make sure I am following!  It is pretty sweet.  When I get your toy for you (which is usually a stuffed animal), you grasp it with the biggest hug and smile.

You learned to walk!  You took your first steps a couple days after your first birthday.  You quickly went from walking to running.  You are a busy bug!

You know some sign language!  At about a year old you started signing "more" and "all done".  Now you say "please" and it melts me!  How can we not give you chocolate after you brush your hand across your chest five times and smile? 

You hate going to bed! When I am getting ready to lay you down you immediately sign "please" and point to the door a good number of times.  It breaks my heart!  
You love balls! 
You like to be a big boy and copy mom. If I am sweeping you want to sweep; if I am stirring food, you want to; if I am in a big chair, you want to be in one. 

You LOVE mangos and blueberries lately.  You eat mangos like dad does and eat it off the skin til it is bare.

You always want to be outside!  You will bring us your coat and shoes and point outside! Your favorite toy is your red Little Tikes car.  You mostly love opening the door, climbing in, getting out, and closing the door again. 
You also love helping mom dig in the garden and eating the dirt. 
If dad is mowing the lawn you just HAVE to be held by him.  You get a big grin after he picks you up.

You like to do things on your own.  It takes you a million years to eat because you try to spoon things up by yourself.  If I get a spoonful for you, you shake it off and start over!

You are social!  If we go to the park you always try to keep up with the big kids.  One time, there were two girls going down the slide.  After going down they would come give you a hug.  Next time we went to the park you started hugging all the kids!  It was adorable, but the kids weren't that amused.

You love blowing kisses! And giving knuckles!
You love playing with dad! 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Making it through

After scanning Instagram, I came to the realization that most people think of it as an accomplishment when they "make it through" a month, year, 5 years, of something in their life.  That something is often when they have a baby, complete the first semester of college, been married x amount of years, and things like that.  This made me think of my life, after having Liam for a month, was I glad I just made it through?  After being married for a year, did I look back and think, wow we "made it through" the year?  To me, this makes everything seem like a task we just have to endure.  This made me a little sad and I hope we don't just try to make it through life.  This lead me to my next thought.  I recently saw on a show that a lady wrote a book and it was about going through life and how we can run into different circumstances that make up our experiences in life.  For example, our parents moved to this town next to this person and that person became my friend.  Did I choose to be friends with that person, or did it just happen because of my circumstance?   I worked at Conservice because I was living in Logan and they hired me.  Did I choose to work there, or did it just happen by circumstance?
I think my life is filled with a little of both choices and things that fell in my lap.  I reflected on this a bit and hope to choose to not just make it through life.  I hope I don't just do things in life because I happen to run into the circumstance.  Yes, some things are thrown in our lives just at the right time and we need to jump on them.  But, I hope most of the time we have hopes and dreams and make those things happen.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Liam's first Christmas

The flu! Everyone got the flu for Christmas!  We went to Idaho the week of Christmas and the flu spread through the house!  I was so sad that for Liam's first Christmas he was sick!  I guess I am the one to blame since I got it first.  Scott got it the next day, then Alexa, then Ashli, then Liam and Trev.  Liam has never really been sick before so it was extra sad.  He would just lay in Scott's arms and whimper with the saddest look on his face.  He was so cuddly and he never wants cuddles!  I slept in a bed with him Christmas Eve because it was breaking my heart!
He tried to be happy Christmas Day, but he just couldn't.  The day was full of a few smiles and lots of naps.
We went to Logan the next day to spend time with my fam.  On Sunday, everyone except Amber and Trevor were there and it was a mad house!  10 adults, 7 kids, and 1 dog make for a busy house!  I'm glad we were able to be together!

Home Sweet Home

The last time I posted we were house hunting.  Well, we found a house! 

And have been so busy because of it!  I loved how it happened.  Trev and I were meeting up with our real estate agent, Sophie-who, by the way, is totally awesome!-I thought we were going to look at a house we had seen for the second time, but Trev pulled up to a new house.  It was for sale by owner, and Trev found it on his own and surprised me by setting up an appointment.  We both loved it after walking through it.  It has an open layout, is in a nice neighborhood, and has a pretty view from the backyard.  The closing went smoothly and we are now home owners!
The Robertson family had 10 kids!  So, we put in new carpet and painted the whole house!  We have been rather busy, but I love it. 

Liam is growing so fast! Too fast! At 6 months he was still learning how to sit up on his own.  Now, at 9 months, he is pulling himself up to a stand anywhere and everywhere he can.  He makes me laugh everyday with his silly personality.  My favorite thing is when he mimics us with his fake coughs, fake laughs, and blowing his tongue.  He also "dances" to music by waving his arms up and down. 

For Thanksgiving this year we went to Texas to visit Eric and Isabel!  They moved to San Antonio for Eric's Master program at Trinity University.  The whole fam drove, but Liam and I flew.  I was a little nervous to fly with him because he is at the stage where he hates to sit still and is curious about everything.  The flight there was tough.  He was tired and hungry.  The plane was small and the lady next to me wasn't happy about sitting next to a baby.  She also had some shiny bracelets that Liam kept lunging for.  She didn't think it was funny.  I wrestled him for most the plane ride trying to keep him on my lap and happy.  He finally zonked out for the last 40 minutes and didn't want to wake up when we landed.

In San Antonio, we went to a Spurs game, walked the River Walk, and visited Austin. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

This Kind of Love

I don't want these summer days to end! It has been so perfect and I have so much love for my little family. 
First of all, I finally cut my hair! It's official, I have a mom cut. I love it though and Liam can't get quite the handful that he used to. 
We took Liam to his first rodeo! And not just any rodeo, the famous Preston Rodeo. He loved all the commotion until he got tired. Then we stuck ear muffs on him and he slept through the whole thing! 
Another amazing thing happened, Chez and Niki came to visit! It was so perfect because they came for a month and it lined up with the month Trev had off for paternity leave-yes he is finally taking paternity leave and yes he gets 6 weeks! 
The girls went shopping while the boys golfed. 
We also left our babies and took off to Zions! We camped, hiked Angels Landing and hiked the Narrows. We missed our babes but it was fun to catch up and it felt like old times. 
We were also able to spend a couple days at the cabin in Bear Lake! It is so nostalgic up there. I love watching our babies together! 
Liam liked the sand 😂
Trev and I also celebrated being married for five years! I seriously can't believe it has been that long! Love grows and changes more and more each year, each day. Liam has changed us so much for the better and made our love even stronger. 
Trev turned 28 two days ago! Man we are getting old! We celebrated by cooking Indian food, going golfing, and going to a nice steakhouse for dinner. Liam is such a trooper and hung out with us all day!
It's been so fun having daddy home this month! We wish he could hang out with us all the time! 
Luckily he has an awesome job that lets me be at home to take care of little guy. We have also been on a house hunt!! It's been so exciting looking at homes and either loving or hating hating them. Some we can totally picture ourselves in and others we instantly know aren't for us. It's a little scary since we have never tied ourselves down before. We have honestly moved every year that we have been married! We just want to end up in a place that will be good for Liam. It's so fun to think about him running around with other kids in the neighborhood. I can't believe he just turned 6 months! It has flown by, but at the same time it feels like he's been with us a lot longer. He is very mobile and rolls all around the living room!  His first tooth just poked through!
He can sit on his own for about 10 seconds which was just long enough to snap this pic. 
He shortly after face planted the sand 😐

 We love him so much and are excited for the coming changes! 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Redfish 2015

Redfish is a vacation I look forward to every year.  There is something so fun about traditions having the family all there and being in a place so beautiful.  We were excited to bring Liam this time! He just turned 4 months old!  We had his check up the Friday before we left.  He is still super tall 26.5" and is in the 94 percentile!  His weight is average at 14.1 lbs and is in the 48 percentile.  I have to say Redfish was a LOT more stressful for me, but I am still glad we got to introduce him to one of our favorite places! He also got to meet a lot of the family which was awesome!  We decided to go for a whole week!  He did awesome the first two days, then he got sick of the heat.  He didn't nap well and was pretty grumpy during the day.  It honestly broke my heart to hear him scream like that! We also think he is starting to teeth :( 
Sunday we got there and set up camp.
Monday we hit the beach! The lake is usually freezing so we brought Liam his own little pool
He was more interested in how it tasted than swimming ;)
Tuesday started with a hike to our favorite spot!
Then we hit the beach again!  One thing about the Lund's is they never get sick of the sun!  They soak it all up!
We got the okay to give him some solids from the doctor!   So we let him have some watermelon! He is loving exploring new foods as you can see
Wednesday started out with a little yoga on the beach, then more soaking up the sun

That night we started our community dinners. Everyone loved playing with Liam.  He would laugh every time Alexa sang Miss New Booty lol

We started out Thursday with some paddle boarding in the morning!  It was gorgeous and so peaceful since we beat the crowds.

Friday we got up early to hike the ridge.  We caught a boat to the other side of the lake, hiked to the lily ponds and waterfall, then hiked the ridge back to the lodge.  It was about 6.5 miles and took about 4 hours.  Liam didn't love the boat ride but he slept almost the whole hike!

Afterward we hit the beach again! Aunt Lisa, uncle Bill, and cousin Syd loved holding Liam

 That night, grandpa Lund told stories about where the Lund family came from and stories about his growing up.  The Lund's originated in Norway and Grandpa Lund was the first in his family to graduate college and go on a mission.  He had a scholarship for basketball, but didn't end up playing. 
He also told us stories about his mom Utahna. This is a picture of their first one room home where Grandpa was born.
He was exhausted and slept from 8:30 that night to 7:00 in the morning!  That is the first time he slept through the night!

Saturday was the 4th and we just spent the day at the beach.  That night we went to the firework show and Liam slept through the whole thing!  I think he was just exhausted at that point and sick of camping for the week!  The temp was in the 90's the whole week!

 Liam and Grandpa at the live band
Ready for the fireworks!
I'm so glad we made it through the week!  It was nice to be with the fam and have lots of help when he was crying.  Johnna, Isabel and Alexa were so much help!  I can't wait for next year when he will be running around!  Crazy!